Collection: Daisy Deuce Radon/Fresh Air Systems for MultiFamily Housing Including Upper Floors

The Deuce System Air delivery/filtration module quickly attaches to existing builder-installed 4" or 6" fresh air ceiling ducts located in air handler closets, adjacent to HVAC air handlers. 120vac plug-in power. Three different master control panels are available to limit indoor relative humidity increases and to allow precise adjustment of airflow rate and radon level. One optional controller includes a digital meter to reveal airflow rate.

Low voltage power for the master control panel is derived from the variable speed air mover. The Deuce may also be controlled by SmartVentilation's CO2 controller to maintain indoor carbon dioxide levels of around 600 parts per million. In heating climates, a controller functionality can be set to hold indoor temperature at the controller to a preferred temperature band. 

Air delivery is by flexible duct into a round 4" grille in an adjacent hallway or room, not into the air handler closet. Air delivery performance may be easily set from 5 to over 100 cfm to meet Code. During normal radon reduction, airflow and sound are nearly imperceptible at 18-23 cfm.

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