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Radon, Wildfire Smoke, PM2.5, Red Tide and Blue-Green Algae NeuroToxins, Valley Fever, VOCs, Acrolein, Respired CO2 Accumulation

SmartVentilation, Inc. Developed / Manufactures / Supplies these products:

Filter replacement Daisy Deuce

Fresh Air Filters

The Daisy Deuce is a Plug 'N Play Air Delivery/Filtration Module for MultiFamily Housing. It is a Quick Radon Mitigation Fresh Air Solution retrofit to be fastened onto builder-installed fresh air stubs located in the air handler closet.

Digital Radon Meter with Audible Alarm. Reports 7 day and 365 day radon averages. Operates 24/7/365 without batteries365

Air Filtration / Delivery Modules

Why not have the peace of mind that comes from continuing to know that your radon system is protecting you, your family and your pets from lung cancer week-after-week? This accurate meter will indicate radon risk level in picoCuries per liter for years, and do it without batteries. It includes an audible alarm to warn of Radon System Failure. It will record and reveal 365 day and 7 day radon averages. This meter will inform you of daily radon risk for years for the cost of a single, one-time, two day professional radon test. AND IT WILL LET YOU KNOW IMMEDIATELY IF YOUR RADON SYSTEM HAS FAILED DURING THE WARRANTY PERIOD when repairs are free.

A Typical Radon System Control Panel including a blue-oil-filled U-Tube Manometer and a Table Lamp Tiimer

Robotic System Controllers

This SILENT Blue-Oil-Filled Manometer visually informs the occupants that there is pressure in the system. It does not reveal that there is AIR FLOW of FRESH AIR to dilute radon or to pressurize the breathing zone. If the airflow stops because of a clogged filter or blocked air intake (Very Common) the blue oil will rise even higher. But with an even higher level, an occupant can reasonably, but wrongfully conclude that the radon system is functioning even better than before. The indicator can and in almost all cases will become a life-risk-threatening LIAR with Fresh Air Radon Systems.

A Fully-Automatic Humidity / Mold Prevention Controller with EZ Radon Level Adjustment by Jeweler's Screwdriver

Humidity Control and Mold Prevention is Easy with an Automatic Humidity Controller with Radon Level Adjustment by Jeweler's Screwdriver. The Humidity Controller is Factory-Set to Suspend Radon System Operation temporarily if indoor relative humidity rises above 59.9%. With this feature, an air conditioner will not be overloaded with more hot, humid air than it can handle. RESULT? It is highly unlikely that you will experience high humidity or mold problems, and you will not need to install a dehumidifier later. Your radon meter will guide radon level adjustment with precision.


SmartVentilation's Type III SuperFilter MERV 14-15, good for 18-24 months

Custom Designed and Manufactured to SuperClean all fresh air entering your home's breathing zone. It's just like installing an N95 mask for your whole home. (So long as you keep all doors and windows closed) MERV 14-15 (95% removal, service life 18-24 months) performance  surpasses ASHRAE Ventilation Standards, US EPA Recommendations and building codes. Designed for use with the Daisy Ductless Portable Ventilator that can be installed and serviced from indoors as required by the recent ASHRAE Standard 62.2-2019. Also available in retrofit kit form for replacement of homemade polyester "fluff" and hog's hair filters that are so common and require such frequent service.

HEPA Filter for SuperCleanf Fresh Air. This filter will remove an incredible 99.97% of nearly all toxic particles and neurotoxins including asthma and allergy triggers, wildfire smoke, PM2.5, radioactive particles, viruses, bacteria

Type I Filter Retrofit Kit HEPA 99.97% Air Cleaning Good for 18-48 months

SmartVentilation's Type I Retrofit Kit Includes a HEPA filter cartridge that will remove an incredible 99.97% of just about everything. This is a fairly restrictive air intake filter and requires a muscular blower (variable speed 160 cfm)  to move air through it to use it with an ERV or HRV or Ventilating Dehumidifier.  Filter kit includes ABS filter cover, mounting bracket and ABS duct connection adapter upon request (4" or 5'") Filter manufacturer declares that the filter is permanent and needs only to be vacuumed as  necessary. SVI suggests replacement every 24 months. Flows 0-100 cfm.

SuperClean / Safe Indoor Air? Once Difficult, Now EASY

SmartVentilation's Plug 'n Play Products? Simple, Quick, Affordable, Effective

"Bedroom Carbon Dioxide was pegged at 2000 parts per million. With The Daisy turned on, it remains close to 600 ppm nearly all the time. I am sleeping better and the condo smells nice and fresh all the time."

JJ Davison

"I learned that PM2.5 particles were so small that they could quickly pass into my bloodstream and make trouble in my heart and lodge in my brain." I expect that I can keep those radioactive particles out of my lungs and brain to delay onset of Alzheimer's and other dementia."

Dr. Eric Fuss

When I changed the filter after 16 months, it was BLACK. Wayne said the black deposit would be PM2.5 and would be radioactive.  I'm glad the filter trapped it before it got into my lungs."

Tom Daugherty