Lotus Wild Fire Smoke Blocker

Keep Wild Fire Smoke Out of Your Home.

A Lotus Can Boost the Air Pressure in Your Home's Breathing Zone to Keep Smoke Out.

HOW? When HEPA-Clean, Carbon-Filtered, higher pressure  indoor air pushes out through cracks, wild fire smoke is pushed away from those cracks and cannot enter into the breathing zone through those same cracks. But of course, you must shut down all exhaust ventilation installations to prevent indoor air pressure from being bled off by exhaust fans.

Lotus Smoke Free Fresh Air Module

Result? Outdoor Wild Fire Smoke stays outside and indoor, breathing zone air becomes clean and healthy

Why wait until smoke is  in your breathing zone to take action? The Lotus Module makes it easy to keep the smoke from getting indoors at all.

A Lotus will push outdoor air into your breathing zone through a HEPA and carbon filter system that removes 99.97% of all smoke and particles so effectively that you may not even smell smoke inside your home.

The Lotus I's adjustable air delivery rate makes it easy. 5 to about 165 cubic feet per minute of HEPA / carbon filtered, super clean outdoor air. A Lotus II can deliver 20-250 cfm and a Lotus III can deliver 20-500 cfm.

Installation in Wood Frame Construction Home? Less than two hours. Tools Required? 6" hole saw with 12" pilot bit, 1/2" electric drill, stud finder, Phillips screwdriver, fish tape to install low voltage (12vdc) wiring, cutting tool to cut opening for speed controller wall plate.

IT WORKS! (But turn off all of your exhaust fans and let the Lotus keep your family's breathing pressurized with super-clean outdoor air.) Your entire home, one area, or a single room can become a smoke-free refuge of comfort and health despite the densest of smoke outdoors.